Student in Poly-Informatique

Geoffrey MOLLIE

Student of 23 years old in Newest Technologies.


Passionate by aviation

       and old cars

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Who am T ?

Studying in Apprenticeship  on Newest Technologies, I live in the city of Lyon in France.

Passionate about prestigious cars, to be more precise, Rolls-Royce / Bentley and Jaguar.

The aviation is everything to my eyes, I am  in training for my Private Pilot  Licence.

Athlete in running since 10 years (semi marathon, urban trails / trails in mountains)


My Studies 

Studying in post-high school diploma (university institute of technology) , I'm learning computing sciences related to Newest Technologies.

My school takes place at the Campus HEP René CASSIN / LECLAIR on the 9th district of Lyon.

The Poly-informatique ( iPi ) institute proposes various type of diplomas in initial or apprenticeship (going from the level of  high school diploma to Master's Degrees).

My apprenticeship takes place in an Industrial IT support of an international company that includes above 5000 collaborators.

My job is about administrating and save information systems in industrial automation

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My Passions :


Since my parents took me on a Sunday afternoon to the airfield to see planes take off.

I always wondered how these small machines nicknamed "cuckoo" could leave the solid ground, my curiosity made that I began to be closely interested about it.

Then I begun my PPL ( pilot's licence) hoping one day to become a professional pilot...

Vintage & old cars

Having discovered and rediscovered several times the famous event of "époqu'auto" in Lyon , I often observed my father repairing our cars when I was younger, even if I did not understand so much, he explained me how works an engine and the role of each element about it.

Proudly owner of a driving licence since February 2018,  I have owned myself a Daimler (Jaguar), and today I own an XJ40 and an XJ300 both Sovereign.

I have a lot of technical knowledge about these two models of Jaguar/ Daimler and I am often asked to confirm the choices or advise those who consult me.

I am an active member of a Jaguar Club.

Furthermore I am strongly invested in the association "Auto-Rencard"  located at Sathonay-village (near Lyon in France).

You can follow my adventure on my YouTube channel dedicated to my passions


At the age of 11 during the physical activities lessons i've discovered running, I got closer to my uncle who practises running in competition with his athletics club .

I begin to like training regularly then towards the age of 16, I've participated to my first competitions of short distances between 5 and 10km, then I did a bit of cross races then I switched to long-distance races.

At the age of 17 Trail competitions offered me its wonderful sensations, urban trails and moutains ones are my favorites. 


The distances in competition vary between 14 and 90km.

I already own several prizes and been on podia...
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